Covfefe (or, What Donald Gave Me)

I saw him fly.

I saw him fly by the seat

of his pants

And no one thought

he would do it

Then he did it.

He proved that literally nothing



nothing is impossible.

And he has no idea what

he is doing.

He keeps messing up

He is an amateur

He is ridiculous.

He is ridiculous.

But he gave me something no one

else has ever given me.

No one has really ever told me

that I can do something if I am

bad at it.

If I know I’ll screw it up

but do it anyway.

Because I just want to, need to do it.

And he is protected, I know that.

By money

By hatred

By whiteness

By gender

He is protected which is why

maybe it works

But is it “working?”

He breaks every rule and

does whatever the hell he wants even if it hurts


He lies.

Tears apart regulations.

Simply does not follow the rules.

He has no rules, feels

nothing and listens to no one.

He breaks them.

He has broken me before.

He breaks them.

But what if I could do the same?

Well, kind of the same.

What if I could do whatever

the hell I wanted.

And be belligerent about it?

Sheryl Sandberg says

(via research)

that very qualified women do not

apply for leadership because they feel they are not qualified enough.

That men are hired based on potential and not past experience.

Someone told me that I don’t know what I’m doing.

Well, many people.

In small, doubter ways.

You don’t know what you are doing.

And that may be true.

But neither does our president

And he is out to hurt people

to get money and fame.

And I am out to help people.

I am out to love.

And I could fail.

I could accidentally

break the law

Or knowingly break the law

Like Jesus.

or Angela Davis.

or Rosa.

I could hurt people with

what I do not know.

But if I sit

by myself

dressing my wounds

wringing my hands

telling myself I should know more

before I do this

Then I will not do it.

And if Donald Trump

(I don’t even like writing his name)

can be the President

Then I can be a CEO.

I can start a business

I can travel the world

I can fall in love

I can teach

I can write

I can do whatever I want

And I will make mistakes.

I’m sorry if I hurt you with them.

All I have is my mind

And my heart and my body

And my comrades.

Well all I have is a lot.

And I swear to you I will try my best.

Thank you Donald.

You have given me a gift

I am watching you closely.

But I will win.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.07.14 AM

Me being a CEO of Bridgebuilder Consulting and starting a project called Pride at Church, offering free LGBTQ+ ally resources to churches for Pride Month (June).

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