I have big news to share.

Wow. It’s been. Full. It’s been…exciting. It’s been a nutty, surprising, wonderful, work/joy-filled last several weeks in Manhattan and Ghana: full of activism, scholarship, NGO visits, writing, and teaching + consulting as International Visiting Faculty in Residence at Lincoln Community School, an International Baccalaureate school in Accra, Ghana.

For more on my NYC experience: “What I’m Doing for Lent in order to Not Die”

Fore more on Ghana my experience: “How to Fight A Mountain Lion” & “On Ghanaian Independence Day: Whiteness, Freedom, Face Paint + see instagram photos: @ACNjustice.

And… I’m excited to share what I’ll be doing next:

It’s Happening: I’m thrilled to announce that I will be 2017 Visiting Scholar in Residence at the bell hooks Institute in Berea, Kentucky!

After months of planning and conversations, I can finally share that I’ll be in Kentucky this coming April: writing, speaking, and consulting with noted social justice scholar & writer bell hooks at her Institute. And on Monday, April 10, I will give a public talk titled “Our Sacred Ground,” on bridging the gap between faith and justice while doing intersectional justice work in identity & inclusion.

This Residency is of course a joy and an honor, especially because as a founding board member of the bell hooks Institute, I’ve been humbled and privileged to be part of the Institute for the last couple years, through several visits and much planning, and now will be there in this new capacity.

So. I invite you to follow this winding social justice consultant-scholar-writer path with me as I write, post, tweet, and instagram as @ACNjustice, and on my public facebook page: Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer. It’s big, it’s new, it’s exciting and well… it’s just one of many ways I’m working to move the dial towards justice and dialogue these crazy days. Below is what I’ve mentally been calling my “Tour d’Justice,” (so why not just call it that?) and it includes my upcoming consulting, talks, jobs, and workshops.

Won’t you join me? Want me to come to you or work remotely with your org? Contact me through annaczarnikneimeyer.wordpress.com. Onward.

ACN Tour d’Justice 2017: Where I’ll be & What I’m Working on


Identity Studies & Experiential Education Research, St. Norbert College (Wisconsin)


Activism & Consulting, United Nations/ For Impact Productions/ NY Indivisible +Katie Holten (New York City)

Writing & Consulting, Ms. Magazine Blog/ Center for Courage & Renewal


7-10 Visiting International Faculty in Residence, Lincoln Community School (Accra, Ghana)

Development Consulting, Holden Village

Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations


1-2 Facilitator, Association for Experiential Education Midwest (Wisconsin)

9-14 Visiting Scholar in Residence, bell hooks Institute (Berea, Kentucky)

*4.10.17 “Our Sacred Ground” public talk on faith + justice


**Alert, alert! This is the month I submit my thesis and graduate with my Master’s degree!**


8 Instructor, international Association for Experiential Education Webinar (2pm CST)

25-30 Speaker & Consultant, Feminist Camp: Seattle


Holden Village (Washington State)

September/October: TBA


9-11 National Women’s Studies Association (Baltimore)

16-19 Association for Experiential Education (Montreal)

December: TBA

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SNC_bell hooks_SacredHour
bell hooks & Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer, ca 2014.

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