TODAY is WriteHereWriteNow Community Milestone 1 of 4. It’s already Day 7, comrades! Join me by posting a photo & answering a few/ all of the below for Milestone 1 Reflection:

-This week for #writehereWriteNow40 I was inspired by (tag person, event, reading)________

-I’d like to share this piece I’ve been working on, and get your support__________

-It’s day 7. I feel _______ because ________

-I’m excited to reward myself by_______

-Here are 2-5 people I think would love #WriteHereWriteNow Community_______

Here’s my #WriteHereWriteNow Milestone 1 Reflection:

This week for #WriteHereWriteNow40 I was inspired by Dizzy Lizzie’s social entrepreneurship restaurant/NGO/New fav writing space Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi‘s bravery and truth for marginalized communities through art with CrazinisT artis.T Studio. Jennifer Harvey‘s prophetic Reparations Paradigm. Yadira Garcia‘s healthy balance of meaningful travel + work hustle in Cuba. Andy Richardson‘s organization of teams & community in Ghana, Lisa Maren Thompson‘s commitment to local artists. Kai Richardson investment in good friends wherever he lives.

I’d like to share this piece I’ve been working on, and get your support

It’s day 7. I feel energized and hopeful and driven

because I feel like I’m on the cusp of something, and I’m working on building a community of comrades to bring along for the write/ride 🙂 I feel supported, generative, and hopeful.

I’m excited to reward myself by enjoying this new desk in my room (!!) and by reading on love & mindfulness in Lodro Rinzler‘s Love Hurts: Buddhuist Advice for the Heartbroken.

Here are 2-5 people I think would love #WriteHereWriteNow & will invite to like it Community Peter N. McLellan Jenny McLellan Jennifer Harvey Christian Scharen

**FRIENDLY REMINDER. HERE’S HOW #WriteHereWriteNow40 Works. Join Anytime. Write Here. Write Now. Welcome.

Basic premise:  I’m going to spend 30 minutes per day (for 40 days, because Lent) writing about what I’m experiencing and thinking, and being honest about how I’m doing. Scholarly, creative, letters, op-eds, reflections, free writes. All that.

Maybe my writing will tell me that I need to sleep.

Maybe my writing will tell me that I need to interrogate my own participation in White Supremacy. (Duh. I need to do that Every. Dang. Day)

Maybe my writing will tell me that, actually, today my 30 minutes will be spent on a letter home to my family.

Maybe— well maybe anything. That’s the point.

I’m going to do it.

30 minutes a day for 40 days. Writing for my life, right here, right now. #WriteHereWriteNow40 (see what I did there)

(And- Psssst. That is 20 solid hours of writing OMG. We can do it!!)

Will you join me? Doesn’t have to be Lent-related. It’s You-related. And you can start anytime. Let’s stick together. Share yours with me and I will share some of mine with you. If you like what you wrote, send it to me at, subject “#WriteHereWriteNow40” and I’ll consider it for posting & sharing on my blog:

Even if I do it all alone (but you won’t let that happen!), I know I need it, so I’m going to do it.

I’m even gonna make a little punch card reward system for myself and all of us (like I got at the meditation studio) then post about it.

Because who doesn’t love to check off a box for the day, and then get external incentives? Heck yes extrinsic motivation. It’s a real thing:

At #WriteHereWriteNowDay7: Go to a movie/show you’ve wanted to see, no matter how cheesy. Solo or with others.

At #WriteHereWriteNowDay14: Get favorite dessert and eat with a loved one. That loved one can be Y-O-U.

At #WriteHereWriteNowDay21: Unlimited hugs (take this for what you want it to mean. Hug yourself, ask for hugs, provide hugs. Look at a picture of hugs. Figure it out. But do it.)

At #WriteHereWriteNowDay28 Buy something worth at least $28 that you’ve wanted for a while. Don’t order it until you’ve hit this day.

At #WriteHereWriteNowDay40 Free-write (no editing, no critique) a letter to yourself about how you feel at the end of this. Seal it in an envelope and give to trusted human to send to you in another 40 days. Then plan to have a day where you get to do whatever you like. Plan a way to sleep in, talk to your best friend, go on a walk, order takeout, and breathe deeply. You did it.

Oh, and like anything good: you get cheater days. But just 4. Choose wisely and be kind to yourself about it.

Because this movement needs us alive. Let’s stay alive for each other. It starts now.


One thought on “Here’s What Happens When You Save Yourself Through Community (#WriteHereWriteNow40 Milestone 1 Reflection)

  1. Thanks for the invite, Anna! I am going to try! What a great discipline. I have been meaning to do more journaling and this might just be the push I needed. We’ll be in touch. Stay strong, you can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

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